Bleomycin Sulfate, USP

CAS Number: 9041-93-4



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Cat No.: 9041-93-4
Biological Description:
Mixture of cytotoxic glycopeptides that inhibits DNA synthesis by reacting with DNA and causing strand scission. Acts by generating hydroxyl free radicals which cleave N-glycosidic bonds and cause base elimination (mainly T) and phosphodiester bond scission. An anti-neoplastic agent. Bleomycin has been used in the treatment of squamous cell carcinomas, testicular tumors, and malignant lymphomas.

Purity: ≥95.0%

Molecular formula: C55H84N17O21S3*HO4S

Molecular Weight: 1513.63

Storage Instructions: Two years -20°C Powder, 2 weeks4°C in DMSO,6 months-80°C in DMSO

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