Tetrodotoxin, TTX Promotion!

Affix Scientific offers two different preparations of Puffer FishTetrodotoxin (TTx) Source: Natural, at the highest quality standard available and at an extremely attractive price!

*Cat. No: AF3015 Tetrodotoxin (with citrate) CAS No. 4368-28-9 – 1 mg / $110

*Cat. No: AF3014 Tetrodotoxin (citrate free) CAS No. 4368-28-9 – 1 mg / $110

  • Stable for months in lyophilized powder format.
  • Biological activity of each lot confirmed.
  • 24-48 hour delivery to most locations worldwide.


Tetrodotoxin is a potent and selective blocker of a subclass of Nav channels, and is often used to define subclasses of Nav channels.


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